Firewall Management Solutions

eScope Solutions’ Security Engineers analyze how a network is used and then design security solutions to protect it.

Firewall Installation Solutions

Nearly all firewalls are purchased with security in mind, but the manner of security is rarely defined. eScope Solutions’ Security Engineers analyze how a network is used and then design security solutions to protect it. eScope Solutions Firewall Solutions are designed on the Default Deny Principal. Default Deny is a type of firewall rule set in which the default condition of the firewall is to deny ALL connectivity – from anywhere, to anywhere. This means that the default; setting, configuration, access level, service availability is set to deny access. Access is then given on an as-needed basis for both ingress and egress traffic. Access is only granted when absolutely needed and authorized.

Firewall Management Solutions

eScope Solutions’ Managed Firewall Services ensure comprehensive and adaptive security management of perimeter firewalls utilizing the latest stateful inspection, virtual private networking and adaptive security management technologies. Our Managed Firewall Services take the burden of everyday firewall maintenance off the IT staff members, allowing them to spend their time on other equally important network issues. eScope Solutions looks at security as an on-going process, not a single event or turn-key solution. A complete information security program requires constant management to keep pace with technological change and evolving threats. eScope Solutions’ Firewall Management Services utilizes best-of- breed tools, structured processes and experienced IT Security Experts to manage industry leading firewalls. eScope Solutions performs a wide range of services for your firewall to keep your network protected.

  • Expert rule changes and configuration management
  • Management and deployment of firmware updates
  • Address newly released vulnerabilities with firewall manufacturers’ fixes
  • Reconfigure ports, disconnect ports and change configurations as needed
  • Configure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections
  • Configure access and security for 3rd party vendors
  • Support Cisco PIX and Cisco ASA Firewall Platforms
  • Facilitate all warranty and /or RMA requests
Firewall Syslog and Archiving Solutions

eScope Solutions’ Firewall Syslog Viewer and Archiving Services receives and records messages from the firewall for logging and archiving, advanced troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and assessing general network health. These services provide real-time filtering and management of Syslog messages as well as real-time alerting of critical events. With a Multi-threaded architecture these services are scalable to support any size network and can be accessed locally from eScope Solutions’ NMS Portal.

eScope Solutions’ Firewall Syslog Viewer and Archiving Services help financial institutions meet their FDIC / NCUA / FFIEC Compliance Standards for documenting and archiving Firewall Syslogs.

  • View firewall logs real-time, filter logs and create reports
  • Login to eScope Solutions Syslog Viewer from anywhere via secure login
  • Syslog Viewer displays information and events for the last 60 days
  • High Severity events are sent via e-mail and/or cell phone text message
  • A monthly report of Syslog activity is delivered via CD media for archiving


Reynoldsburg, OH

“Our Credit Union has contracted with eScope Solutions since 2004 for various Managed Security Solutions as well as ongoing network support, network implementations, reconfigurations, a core conversion and security related support “

Beaver Valley, PA

“Throughout the years, we have relied on eScope Solutions; I have always been able to depend on eScope Solutions to correct any technology issue, big or small. “

Lancaster, SC

“eScope Solutions has given us nothing but the best service that we could have asked for. Time and time again they have proven to us that they have the skills and knowledge to help our small IT department of just two employees work as though we have a department of ten!”

Clarksburg, MD

“With the help of the eScope Solutions 24×7 monitored IPS units, our credit union has been able to reach, and maintain an NCUA CAMEL rating of 1. It is my pleasure to strongly recommend eScope Solutions as a partner in security for any credit union needing to secure its network.”