Intrusion Detection and Prevention

eScope Solutions provides financial institutions with a powerful, real-time Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.


eScope Solutions’ IDS / IPS Security Services provides financial institutions with a powerful, real-time Intrusion Detection and Prevention System by utilizing the best security products in the industry and our experienced team of Certified Security Engineers.

eScope Solutions’ Security division provides unobtrusive, continuous surveillance to intercept and respond to security breaches and network abuses before your network can be compromised. eScope Solutions’ Network Sensors have the most effective intrusion detection and protection capabilities because they provide the most up to date compilation of known attack signatures and robust forms of protocol analysis. Our sensor monitors traffic for malicious activity using a database containing thousands of known attack signatures. The sensor also performs protocol analysis that scans for abnormalities in each IP packet passing through the network. With this technology the eScope Solutions Network Sensor analyzes dozens of network protocols to catch even unknown attacks.

eScope Solutions’ IDS / IPS Service is an enterprise-class network intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS) that is specifically tailored to protect your financial institution from a security breach. Our service identifies and terminates viruses, worms, trojans, port scans, attacks, and intrusions before they cause real damage.

eScope Solutions IDS / IPS Services offer unparalleled flexibility in responding to attacks by, instantly dropping attack packets, blocking IP addresses, and sending alerts and notifications. This means that eScope Solutions IDS / IPS can function as an intrusion prevention system (IPS) or as an intrusion detection system (IDS).

  • Ensures availability of resources in today’s escalating threat environment
  • Maintains detailed compliance audit trail for attack and attack-response activities
  • Mitigates risk of attack and reduces risk of noncompliance with regulations / policies
  • Reduces security administration through automated defense and enterprise-scale security management
Focus on the Attacks that matter

eScope Solutions’ IDS/IPS System employs a multifaceted approach for detecting, analyzing, responding to, and reporting on attacks. It virtually eliminates false-positives, allowing you to focus on only attacks posing real threats to your organization. Our comprehensive reporting engine provides enterprise-wide or drill-down reports to satisfy compliance requirements.

eScope Solutions Security Operations Centers (SOC)

eScope maintains (2) certified SOCs (Security Operations Centers) monitored by Certified Security Engineers work around the clock (24x7x365) to identify and respond to network attacks against your network. eScope Solutions’ Security Services utilize the most complete and up-to- date database of known attack signatures and other anomalous behavior identifiers to anticipate and respond to assaults on your network. If your network is attacked, eScope Solutions will respond immediately to prevent intrusion and eliminate future risks. Our SOCs will continuously monitor the network, respond to attacks, notify the financial institution and immediately implement additional preventative measures or repairs.



Reynoldsburg, OH

“Our Credit Union has contracted with eScope Solutions since 2004 for various Managed Security Solutions as well as ongoing network support, network implementations, reconfigurations, a core conversion and security related support “

Beaver Valley, PA

“Throughout the years, we have relied on eScope Solutions; I have always been able to depend on eScope Solutions to correct any technology issue, big or small. “

Lancaster, SC

“eScope Solutions has given us nothing but the best service that we could have asked for. Time and time again they have proven to us that they have the skills and knowledge to help our small IT department of just two employees work as though we have a department of ten!”

Clarksburg, MD

“With the help of the eScope Solutions 24×7 monitored IPS units, our credit union has been able to reach, and maintain an NCUA CAMEL rating of 1. It is my pleasure to strongly recommend eScope Solutions as a partner in security for any credit union needing to secure its network.”