SIEM Solutions

eScope Solutions Managed SIEM Service monitors, tracks and identifies unauthorized events and anomalies in real time.

Managed SIEM Solutions Services

What does SIEM stand for?

Security Information and Event Management. Which really boils down to, event log management, but not just any event log management product will do. eScope Solutions will provide you with an all-in-one managed solution.

Why Implement a SIEM Solution?

eScope Solutions Managed SIEM Service monitors, tracks and identifies unauthorized events and anomalies in real time. Our solution provides a holistic approach to secure your network with on-going management and administration of your organizations entire environment. From automatically detecting and alerting you about security threats to your network to providing fast analysis and recovery. To have the ideal solution, the product should be easily deployed off-site, on-site and in the cloud.

What will our Managed SIEM product manage?

It will keep a watchful eye on your network at all times to detect any trends that are not in- line with your pre-defined security configurations. You don’t only want reliable security intelligence but you need reliable security intelligence as well as rapid incident response, simple log-management and real time compliance report-ability.

Our engineering team can design and implement the ideal solution for your unique security management needs. We have the tools to enable you to leverage network performance, applications, change management, identity, location, virtualization and elevate them to a higher level of performance that you have not yet encountered.

eScope can provide this managed solution with next-generation monitoring capabilities that go above and beyond traditional SIEM to include performance and availability monitoring and application visibility from a single application, delivering a holistic view of the entire IT infrastructure. We monitor all aspects of the data center, including servers, storage, network elements, security devices, users and applications using real-time analytics and event-correlation technology. With this advanced technology, we can identify security incidents performance bottlenecks and act accordingly.

We deliver a robust, scalable log management solution that offers:

  • Compliance and standards based reporting
  • Network, virtualization and application intelligence
  • Event log and network flow data consolidation
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Event log data integrity
  • Dynamic, detailed dashboards, topology maps and notification
  • Real-time search with web-like query and iterative filtering
  • Identity and location intelligence

The health and performance of your network is a priority, so should be the route you choose when monitoring and identifying its activity in real time.

Utilize the power of eScope’s Managed SIEM Solution to detect network services and profile network traffic from network flows and firewall logs with Powerful Analytics for Real-time Correlation and Alerting. A highly advanced analytics engine detects patterns in data over time taking into account complex patterns. This includes combined patterns of network, system, user and application activity.


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