Virtual Administration

eScope Solutions’ Virtualization Solutions dramatically improve the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization.

eScope Solutions Virtualization Administration Services provides on-going management and administration of your organizations entire virtual server environment. From the routine maintenance of your multiple physical ESX Host Servers and SANs (if applicable) to the on-going configuration and administration of your VMWare software environment, eScope solutions takes the burden of those everyday tasks away from your IT Department, leaving much needed time for your staff to perform more important duties.

eScope Solutions delivers a complete Virtualization Administration solution using encrypted VPN technology that provides us with a secure presence to your network giving us complete administrative control of your virtual environment. The VPN connection provides secure remote access to the virtualized server farm by providing 3DES or AES encryption technology. eScope Solutions remotely operates the virtual farm and makes any necessary changes as needed.

eScope Solutions is a trusted VMWare partner and is fully certified as a VMWare Enterprise Solutions Provider, the highest partnership program. eScope has been consulting, designing, implementing and supporting VMWare virtual network environments exclusively to financial institutions for over 7 years and is considered by many to be an expert in the industry.

eScope Solutions utilizes the VMTurbo virtual management platform which enables eScope to assure application workload performance while maximizing the efficiency of your hardware. Just as important, it helps plan for changes in the data center by simulating changes in load in the proposed environment and validating that the capacity can support the desired workloads.

As you scale your data center to support the business and application owners, you want eScopes daily management to match your model as closely as possible. The more accurate your model, the more carefully you can purchase capacity and avoid costly under or over provisioning.

Virtualizing your IT infrastructure lets you reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets. Around the world, companies of every size benefit from VMware virtualization. Thousands of organizations—including all of the Fortune 100—use VMware virtualization solutions. See how virtualizing 100% of your IT infrastructure will benefit your organization.

VMTurbo’s integrated capacity planning system helps eScope to let your engineering team build the right capacity into the system based on actual application workload patterns while accounting for new and existing constraints such as HA, affinity, and anti-affinity.

VMTurbo’s environment control system enables eScope to execute the plan. It optimally matches workload demands with compute, storage, and network resources

Ultimately, with the help of VMTurbo our goal is to provide a single service for planning and execution. If VMTurbo’s capacity planning system validates your design, you can be assured that workloads will run efficiently.

VMTurbo is demand-driven control. Like you, its top priority is application performance. But unlike you it has deep visibility into the intricacies and interdependencies of the data center ecosystem. It places, resizes, and provisions to meet applications demands, while maximizing efficiency across your infrastructure—and without allowing degradation in your virtual and cloud environment. Enterprises using eScope Virtual Administration Services with VMTurbo experience an 80% reduction in performance incidents because we help the virtual environment maintain a healthy state.



Reynoldsburg, OH

“Our Credit Union has contracted with eScope Solutions since 2004 for various Managed Security Solutions as well as ongoing network support, network implementations, reconfigurations, a core conversion and security related support “

Beaver Valley, PA

“Throughout the years, we have relied on eScope Solutions; I have always been able to depend on eScope Solutions to correct any technology issue, big or small. “

Lancaster, SC

“eScope Solutions has given us nothing but the best service that we could have asked for. Time and time again they have proven to us that they have the skills and knowledge to help our small IT department of just two employees work as though we have a department of ten!”

Clarksburg, MD

“With the help of the eScope Solutions 24×7 monitored IPS units, our credit union has been able to reach, and maintain an NCUA CAMEL rating of 1. It is my pleasure to strongly recommend eScope Solutions as a partner in security for any credit union needing to secure its network.”